Glow-worm adds new solution

Glow-worm has introduced whole house Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery into its growing range of renewable energy solutions.

The new Glow-worm units will be sold under the name of Clearly Heat Recovery and will be available in two sizes, HRD 275 and HRD 350, which will meet the ventilation requirements for both small-medium and larger sized properties respectively.

Paul Honeyman, product manager at Glow-worm says: “All new properties are required by Part L of the building regulations to minimise heat loss, which can be reduced significantly by increasing the air tightness of the property. This requirement will be further strengthened with the implementation of level 4 of the Government’s Code for Sustainable Homes which will require new build, grant funded social housing to achieve an even higher standard of energy efficiency.

 “This increase in air tightness within the property can cause a series of potential problems associated with poor ventilation. The Glow-worm Clearly Heat Recovery range can provide the ideal solution. The single unit, usually installed within the loft space, maintains fresh air levels while removing moisture, odour and bacteria build-up created within the property from activities such as washing, cooking and bathing.”

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