Global Warming – Ever been had?

It has been interesting following the heating and architectural trade press over the last few years, and watched how the subject of Global Warming has gradually been accepted as something we can do something about, by watching our Carbon Footprints, a relatively new and bandwagon phrase.
I have worked in the energy and heating industry since 1963 and strongly applaud any process which encourages the conservation of dwindling energy resources. However, I now feel strongly enough about the carbon subject to express some views which might encourage those who believe that the alarmist CO2 facts as presented, need to be looked at with a little more scrutiny and common sense. We are all being continually informed via the news media, advertisers, energy suppliers and politicians, as a fact, that our energy activities are creating unacceptable conditions whereby the carbon dioxide we produce is contributing to if not causing global warming.

There is an abundance of evidence associated with very credible data and used by highly qualified scientists and climatologists which reveals that CO2 is not the cause of Global Warming, man-made or otherwise. Unfortunately, because these scientists don’t toe the ‘Global Warming is Man-Made’ line, they are ignored and ostracised. Meanwhile, the list of individuals and companies who believe we can make money out of this CO2 scare lark is growing. I am sure that there are very highly qualified technical personnel working for such companies, including those responsible for producing and supplying energy, who are more than aware that the CO2 hype is fallacious, but who are obliged, (if they want to keep their jobs), to follow the marketing line of their company bosses who see financial opportunities.

Financial gain is being made at the expense of the third world countries, who are politically prevented from using the only energy sources capable of allowing them to eventually compete with the rest of us. The forces behind this scam do not want level playing fields. Internationally that has always been the case and Global Warming scare-mongering has added another weapon to their armoury.

There was a headline question in the Telegraph recently which read: “Can Live Earth Save the Planet?” The simple answer to this question is no! Despite our damaging the planet’s habitat and resources, the earth is more than capable of looking after itself – man is just another supposedly intelligent inhabitant, although with the hype over Global Warming, I have severe doubts as to the actual intelligence levels of many of the so called experts who produce and/or agree with the hype. In this case, these experts can be defined as ‘X’ – an unknown quantity and ‘sperts’ – drips under pressure.

The driving forces behind the ‘man is responsible for global warming’ scam are politics and finance. World wide and in the UK, the media, politicians, companies and organisations are only interested in preserving their jobs and/or making profits from this scam. And now we have had a series of world-wide Live Earth events which adds impresarios and entertainers to this money making list and at the same time perpetuating the myth to millions of gullible public.

It doesn’t help when some misguided Green activists actually believe the hype as well. They welcome anything which will drive technology backwards in the mistaken belief that we will all be better off if we live in the past. They should wake up to the fact most Third World countries are already living in the past because they have not been allowed to get any further! Is that what these Greens want – a return to poverty, disease and short life expectancies?

A point which relates to our own industry. Legislation to improve combustion efficiency and thus save fuel is a factor we have all had to take on board. In simple terms, most efficiency increases are gained by a combination of improved appliance heat transfer characteristics and improved combustion control. A lot of what is not burned consists primarily of carbon monoxide. Ironically, the result of burning it more efficiently results in the production of more CO2 – if it worries you – of course.

Global Warming is a natural and perpetual cyclic event which has been going on for hundreds of millennia. Unfortunately, dubious commercial activity and politics for financial gain has also been with us for a long time, so you will forgive me thinking that my comments will probably not make a blind bit of difference. However, I would have liked to have been around 50 years from now to join the chorus of those who would be able to look back and say: “Do you remember that stupid CO2 Global Warming Scam at the beginning of the century?”

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