Global foodservice chain embraces Rinnai’s H1, H2 & H3 concept into rolling programme for UK

Rinnai’s H1/H2/H3 concept of utilising the best available solution for heating and hot water needs on any given commercial site has been fully embraced by a global foodservice & retail chain which is in the process of updating its UK outlets to be as low carbon as possible.  This is a multi-national corporation with over 150,000 employees serving almost 20 million customers each week with the larger sites being 100,000 sq. ft each.

Rinnai’s Craig Milner instigated the relationship with an electrical contracting concern which had been given the brief to quickly reduce the carbon footprint at the sites and to do it with an emphasis on energy efficiency and reducing the CO2 impact.

“I introduced the concept of H1/2 & 3 to the contractor. They instantly liked the idea that we were applying Practical, Economic & Technical principles to each and every site as being unique. So, on some sites we can do ASHP, some we can do Solar Thermal, some can utilise electric tanks and there is always the option of dedicated gas-fired hot water heating units as either main source or as auxiliary back-up.

“So far, we have supplied 12 sites with electrical cylinders, the same number with N Series continuous flow hot water heaters. It is a roll out programme so will certainly include ASHP and Solar Thermal in the future,” adds Craig.

“The contractor and the end-client are delighted with the efficiencies and the savings we have brought to them. Rinnai is creating practical, economical, and technically feasibility pathways to lower carbon emissions. A major part of these low carbon pathways is the introduction of a comprehensive 12-yearwarranty on all of the fully certified I2HY20 continuous flow hot water heaters which are suited to installation as standalone gaseous water heaters or as Hybrid hot water systems supporting solar thermal or heat pump technology,” says Craig.

These Rinnai UK product ranges are ‘hydrogen blend ready 20%’ – meaning that units will accept the proposed 20% blend of hydrogen/natural gas. Rinnai UK is one of the first manufacturers to display the I2HY20 gas category certificate for all its products.

This is an addition to the other services offered in support of all I2HY20 Rinnai products – Full Technical Support Service; System Design Service; BIM & CAD drawings & Schematics; Life Cycle Analysis & Carbon footprint; Comprehensive – and FREE – Training Courses & CPDs.

Rinnai offers H1, H2 & H3 solutions to the energy question and the cost-of-living squeeze which are all potential pathways to NetZero.

H1 – Hydrogen blends ready, renewable liquid fuel ready and electric water heating equipment.

H2 – Hybrid hot water systems – Including heat pumps, solar thermal, and electric.

H3 – Market leading, Low GWP heat pumps.

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