GIP ducting from Greenwood

Greenwood Airvac, a Zehnder Group Company adds a new product to its Guaranteed Installed Performance range with the introduction of ComfoTube ducting.

A major part of whole house ventilation systems, ducting plays a key and crucial role in the delivery of Guaranteed Installed Performance (G.I.P) as it can impact the performance of ventilation by up to 50%, and it is especially important in whole house systems where the ducting is installed within the building fabric. With this in mind, ComfoTube ducting is a revolutionary alternative. Focussing on performance, installation and maintenance it helps ensure the ventilation system is achieving exactly what it should be, both on installation and throughout the lifetime of the product, thus assisting in the delivery of G.I.P first time.

Supplied on rolls of up to 50m, ComfoTube is a semi-rigid ducting system which is extremely quick and easy to install. Unlike traditional ducting systems, which require a number of individual connection points that are usually connected on-site using sealants, each run of ComfoTube ducting can be cut to size on site with a Stanley knife and then bent around joists and/or corners as required.


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