Getting more out of KNX

WAGO has developed a new range of KNX products, which provide improved performance and versatility for intelligent building control.  These include a modular KNX/IP controller and KNX/TPI bus module which, when combined, offer an integrated KNX/IP router capability.

In conjunction with modules from WAGO’s Series 750 I/O system, any digital/analogue sensors and actuators can be integrated into the KNX network.  Interfacing with other protocols such as DALI, EnOcean, MP-Bus etc also becomes possible.

KNX products are suitable for a wide variety of building applications including lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.  Part of the European standard EN 50090 and worldwide standard ISO/IEC 14543, KNX offers major benefits including simpler installation, reduced cable lengths and the ability to integrate products from different manufacturers within a single system.

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