Get immersed with Redring

Now available from Redring is a comprehensive range of immersion water storage heaters – the standard heater for use in soft and normal water areas.

Dual cut-out immersion heaters comply with the European safety standard, EN 60335-2-73 for fixed immersion heaters.  All Redring dual cut-out immersion heaters are supplied complete with rod thermostat, and are manufactured with a separate, ‘secondary manual reset safety cut-out’ fitted directly to the immersion head. 

This ensures that all Redring immersion heaters are compliant, and do not rely on the fitting of a combined rod thermostat with cut-out to meet the safety requirement. 


Dual cut-out immersion heaters are available in standard copper or Aqualoy variants for use in more aggressive water areas.

Also available is the Economy 7 Time Controller – an immersion heater controller suitable for use with single, dual or two element immersion heaters.  It is pre-programmable for automatic boost and one hour manual boost, as well as featuring one minute accuracy, which eliminates accidental running over into full rate tariff periods.  

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