GE offer free audits

GE Consumer and Industrial is offering free lighting energy audits in an attempt to get businesses and public sector organisations thinking about their energy usage.
Organisations looking to reduce their energy consumption can now benefit from an audit in one of two ways: Firstly, GE’s new website: provides advice and information on lighting efficiency. Once on the site, visitors can use the custom-designed ‘Lighting Energy Calculator’ to determine current lighting performance and potential energy savings. Recommendations for improving overall efficiency and light quality are also given.  Secondly, a free on site lighting energy audit is available for organisations with larger sites.
For many, lighting is perceived as a low energy user in comparison to other areas of consumption; such as heating, air conditioning and fuel burners. However the figures present a very different story – in fact 19% of global electricity is used for lighting and commercial and public sector buildings account for 43% of the electricity used for lighting in the UK.
Eddie Guest, European Marketing Director at GE Consumer and Industrial, comments: “Rapidly increasing energy costs and ever tighter legislative pressures have put energy efficiency at the top of most business agendas, however many organisations don’t know who should be responsible for this area or even where they should start. By offering a free lighting energy audit we hope to try and relieve some of this pressure by giving practical and useful advice on what organisations can do to reduce their energy consumption”.

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