Galaxy turns up the heat

Leading shower manufacturer Galaxy has announced that it is diversifying into water heating. Over the next year, Galaxy will be launching a number of vented, unvented and instantaneous water heating products that will be affordable and straightforward to install.

“Rather than resting on its laurels throughout this difficult economic time, Galaxy has invested in new product development and, as a result, is now able to offer a range of water heating solutions,” explains, Keith Bevan of Galaxy. “The products will be available from independent merchants and wholesalers nationwide providing installers with a new choice of water heating products from a well-established and reliable brand.”

The unvented Aqua-GAEW and the Aqua-GAMW water heaters are both compact in size and can be installed under a sink or wall mounted depending on the application. Available in 10 or 15 litre capacities, the GAMW comes with a factory fitted temperature and pressure relief valve to enable easy compliance with the regulations where required.

For small commercial kitchens, bathrooms, cloakrooms and canteens, the Aqua-GAFB vented water storage heater provides the ideal multi-outlet water heating solution.

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