Fully dimmable LED driver

Controlled Speed Limited has launched the first ever fully dimmable LED lighting driver.

Previously the technology behind LED lighting has only allowed flicker free dimming to 10% which ultimately excluded the lighting solution from many applications and potential markets.

The groundbreaking technology was developed by Controlled Speeds – Innovation Lighting Technology division whose primary role is to develop custom power supply LED drivers that will always deliver optimum current and voltage for their specific configuration whilst allowing fully dimmable and non-dimmable functions.

The ever increasing need for energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting has resulted in a rapid rise in the use of LED lighting for both commercial and domestic markets. Similarly the requirement for LED lights to perform in the same way as traditional lighting has become a key focus of the manufacturers and suppliers of the lights and lighting components.

With a flicker free dimmable range of 100% down to an unprecedented 0.3% the new drivers are set to open new markets, being utilised in a much wider range of applications than previously possible.


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