Frost thermostats – Matsuo MQT series

To help avoid the severe problems associated with freezing pipes and gutters, many households and commercial buildings are fitting anti-frost trace heater assemblies.  Intelligent use of this type of heater assembly can prevent frost or snow build-up and thus help to protect expensive property.

The main downfall of these assemblies (even those made with self-limiting heaters) is the power that is wasted when the ambient temperature is well above freezing point.  So to minimise the energy losses you need to use a very reliable thermostat that has the minimum temperature differential and the longest possible cycle-life – that is the Matsuo MQT thermostat.

Matsuo MQT thermostats provide reliable, long term frost protection of water pipes (including boiler condensate pipes) in extreme weather conditions.  The unique twin bimetal structure of a Matsuo thermostat means that very small temperature differentials down to only 3.5K can be achieved – this is much smaller than can be reached with conventional snap-disc thermostats.  This means that there is only 3.5 degrees difference between the opening and closing temperature of an MQT and is better than half of what can be expected from the best quality disc thermostats. Thus the MQT thermostat provides long-term frost protection with minimal energy use.

Matsuo thermostats are fully sealed to IP64 with integral lead-wires and so are very simple to integrate into a trace-heater assembly.  They can achieve over 10 times the life of disc thermostats as the bimetal strips within the MQT thermostat are unstressed.  The MQT’s snap-action switching is achieved through a separate contact spring mechanism which helps it achieve up to 1 million mechanical cycles whilst minimising calibration drift.  The MQT thermostat can be calibrated down to -10°C with tolerances as small as ±1.5K.

So for anti-frost or anti-freeze applications combined with long-term accurate temperature control, nothing can compete commercially or technically with the Matsuo MQT range of thermostats.

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