Free Pipework Specification Review Service from BISPA

As the majority of building services projects are still making reference to old, withdrawn, legacy pipework specifications, there is a significant risk of poor quality, non-compliant products being used.  If not properly controlled, such legacy pipework specifications can also become embedded within BIM files.

BISPA (Building and Industrial Services Pipework Academy) was specifically established to raise the awareness of pipework-related installation issues, specifications, innovations and BIM, through CIBSE accredited training courses and workshops.

BISPA offers a Free Pipework Specification Review Service to ensure that the correct standards are being referenced within your projects.

With locations throughout the country, and with the opening of our new dedicated training pod at the Building Centre, London, it’s easy to access BISPA experts and our range of pipework training CPD’s.

Alternatively, our experts can come to your offices or sites.


Please visit our website to learn more about BISPA and how we can support you and the building and industrial services industry.

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