Free guide for snow melting

Tyco Thermal Controls is offering a free, four page full colour guide to its recently expanded Raychem range of electric snow melting systems. The literature has been produced to offer practical and technical information about its four different systems to enable customers to determine which is the most appropriate for their specific application.
The document includes a product features and selection guide that gives at-a-glance comparisons between these different ground heating systems, including cable technologies, installation formats, power ratings and outputs, maximum circuit lengths, smart controls and the suitability of each for embedding under various surface materials – concrete, asphalt, sand etc.
Raychem snow melting systems feature robust heating cables specially designed for durability in these rugged under-surface applications. Whenever the ambient temperature falls below 3°C (variable set point) and moisture is also detected by the surface sensors, these heating cables activate to keep the area free of snow and ice. This efficient surface heating can be used in exposed environments to avoid frost damage, maintain service continuity, prevent accidents and enhance safety around commercial and public buildings and industrial sites.

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