Free F-gas seminar for property owners and engineers

AirSource is hosting a free seminar discussing the new EU regulations surrounding the move to lower GWP refrigerants. The seminar is aimed at engineers and commercial property owners.

Taking place at Spinningfields, Manchester, on Monday, 20th June, the seminar will focus on the changes to the law and what they mean for industry professionals that own, build or install air conditioning units. 

Industry veteran Dave Williamson, Director of Danfoss Turbocor Compressors, will be a keynote speaker at the event.

Williamson has more than four decades of experience working in the field with companies such as Carrier (France) and Bitzer (Germany) and today collaborates with independent chiller manufacturers across Europe and the Middle East. 

The workshop has been designed and funded by AirSource, the manufacturer of heat pump, heating and cooling systems, to address safety concerns surrounding the regulation review.

AirSource Managing Director David Clayton will also share expertise at the event, which will cover Atex ratings, flammability classifications, equipment location, occupancy classification and the future of multi-split systems.

Clayton explained: “The EU is moving to minimise the negative environmental effects from refrigerant systems, which will involve a phase-down mechanism gradually declining the use of HFCs in the market from 2016.

“However, this will not be a straightforward move as these changes can lead to an increased flammability of refrigerants and could compromise safety, which is why this workshop is so important for those working within the industry.” 

The event begins at 12.15 and takes place at the RBS Building in Manchester. Further details and free registration can be found at

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