Free CBCA technical document

The CBCA (Chilled Beams and Ceilings Association) has launched the first free Technical Document covering Thermal Comfort.

Available as a free download from the CBCA section of the FETA website, the document considers Thermal Comfort in accordance with British Standard BS EN ISO 7730 Ergonomics of the thermal environment.

Andrew Gaskell from the CBCA said: “The CBCA has decided to cover occupant comfort in our first technical document as it is one of the most important specification criteria to understand when specifying chilled beam and ceiling products. Existing information in the market can be confusing and difficult to obtain.  This document is independent and aims to present the facts”.

Having launched The Guide to Chilled Beams and Ceilings in 2012, CBCA Technical Fact Sheets aim to take various technical subjects relating to chilled beams and ceilings, and discuss in detail potential issues, clarifying the facts.

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