Focusing on the reality of BIM

Amtech Group is presenting a two day conference on 17-18 June at the Crystal Building, London which will focus on the practical aspects of implementing and engaging with BIM.

With almost every trade magazine and website discussing BIM there is no shortage of general information – but there is a dearth of practical information about the reality of BIM. This conference will place BIM in a real-life context and provide invaluable guidance for those companies that know they need to get involved but aren’t sure how to move forward.

With its no-nonsense approach from acknowledged experts in the field the conference will cut through the ‘BIM wash’ that currently prevails and deliver accurate, sensible advice.

The conference also provides an opportunity to experience the unique architecture of the Crystal Building, one of the world’s greenest buildings, and its 2,000sq m exhibition on the future of cities.

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