Focus on heat pump technology

The Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Group of B&ES (Building & Engineering Services Association) has added ‘heat pump’ to its name to reflect the growing popularity of this technology.

Group chairman Scott Gleed said: “The thermodynamic principles associated with heat pump technology are closely aligned with those relating to refrigeration and air conditioning, so that the relevant skills and expertise already exist within the group. This needs to be made clear to end users and clients.

“The change will highlight to prospective members that the Association is the natural home for companies whose scope included a specialism in the installation of air-source, ground-source and/or water-source heat pumps.”

The name change, which takes immediate effect, was approved by the B&ES Council in July last year and ratified at the annual general meeting of the group in May.

The emergence of the Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Group occurs just two months after the former HVCA adopted the B&ES identity, in order to fully reflect the range of services now offered by its membership.

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