FLU-ACE improves efficiency

Thermal Energy International Inc, which recently acquired the Bristol based steam trap manufacturer GEM Ltd, is launching its highly acclaimed FLU-ACE technology to the UK and European market.  Greatly improving the fuel efficiency of boiler operations, FLU-ACE provides a significant return on investment, and reduces environmental emissions.

FLU-ACE effectively converts an Industrial boiler into a condensing boiler and, in doing so, effectively recovers up to 90% of the heat normally lost. This is possible because FLU-ACE’s unique direct contact (gas/liquid) design enables optimal recovery of both sensible and latent heat, even in widely varying operating conditions. In Addition FLU-ACE effectively removes combustion emissions. Heat recovery and emission control in one package.

Conventional heat recovery technologies require dedicated equipment for each boiler exhaust.  However a single FLU-ACE can handle a varying flow of flue gases emitted from multiple boilers.  This results in a lower initial investment, cheaper operating costs and a higher return on investment.  A full payback is achieved in less than three years with continuing savings being maintained throughout the unit’s 20 year plus operating life.


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