Flexible lighting management

Delmatic’s Metro lighting management system includes a comprehensive range of sensors, including occupancy detectors (passive infra-red and microwave) and multisensors for plugging-in to lighting control modules or linking to DALI or LON networks.

Plug-in models are designed to connect to ceiling mounted lighting control modules. They include the plug-in presence detector and the plug-in multisensor, combining a PIR (passive infra-red) presence detector, a daylight (photocell) sensor and an active infra-red receiver. The latter is used for user dimming/switching of lighting.

Intelligent sensors, also available in presence detector or multisensor configurations, connect via a shared bus to hard-wired modules – including the twelve output Metro Twelve Twelve and the four output Metro Four Four.  This approach, typically used in core areas, avoids the need to wire back individually from sensors in toilets, lobbies etc to module inputs.

Metro DALI sensors connect directly to the two core DALI buswire and avoid the need for separate wiring from sensors to a control module.  Similarly, LON sensors connect directly to a twisted pair LON buswire to control lighting and other building services such as air conditioning and blinds, exploiting the inherent interoperability of the LON architecture.


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