Flexible energy saving

Hager has launched a new range of staircase time lag switches that offers a simple and flexible energy saving solution.

The switches are easy to fit or retrofit onto a DIN rail and can be used with any wall switches.  The basic time lag switch allows the end user to switch on the lighting for an adjustable amount of time between 30 seconds and 10 minutes.  After that time period the lights will switch off automatically.  The device also has a manual override.

A second switch has additional functionality.  Like the basic version it will switch the lights off automatically after an adjustable time.  

It also has three other modes.  A pre-warning mode provides a signal with the lights blinking on and off before the end of the lighting period.  The double delay mode allows the end user to press the switch for more than three seconds to provide a time delay of an hour.  Finally there is a double delay and pre-warning mode, which can provide the time delay of an hour and pre-warns the end user before the lighting is turned off.

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