FDS Residential Sprinkler System Keeps Britain Safe as Houses

79% of all UK fire deaths between 2010-2011 occurred in residential building fires according to UK Fire Statistics. Research over a 10 year period in the USA (which has a long history of using residential sprinklers) has shown that in residential fires:  Zero fire deaths have occurred in residential buildings fitted with sprinklers.

Fire safety engineers, Fire Design Solutions Ltd (FDS) have created and designed a residential sprinkler system which runs off the cold water boosted mains making it a safe and cost-effective solution to residential fire safety.  The system requires no additional components apart from the sprinkler box and the sprinkler network within the apartment. This allows for increased design flexibility and does away with dedicated large sprinkler water storage tanks and pumps, controls, and the network of vertical pipes, which increases the useable floor area and riser space.

The FDS Residential Sprinkler System meets legislation with limited cost, complies with the Water Supply Regulations 1999 with all system components being WRAS certified as required by Water Supply regulations. In the past water damage has been an issue with sprinkler systems especially from malicious intent.  In response, FDS have developed a ground breaking and ultra-efficient water release system which minimises the potential for false activation making unnecessary water damage now almost a thing of the past. The enhanced performance is due to an advanced multi-criteria detection system with low RTI times which it uses to operate a zone valve allowing water flow to the sprinkler heads. The system deactivates the zone valve if a fire is detected anywhere within the apartment, dramatically improving the building’s fire safety. 

Gerard Sheridan, Chairman at FDS said, “In the UK, sprinklers are now a mandatory requirement in all residential schemes with floors 30m or more above ground level.  We have looked at the regulations and designed a sprinkler system specifically for residential accommodation sector which enhances fire safety design while allowing for the omission of unnecessary fire safety systems.  Our innovative AS01 sprinkler system provides a cost effective, efficient and potentially life-saving system which is needed in residential fire safety design in the UK.”

Please contact FDS on 01322 387411 or info@firedesignsolutions.com for further information.

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