Faro from Purmo

Purmo has made both its vertical and horizontal Faro radiators available in the UK, to complement the launches of its Vertical and Kos V radiators.  The Faro is distinctive, with unique curved, perforated side panels and stylised front, characterised by high heat outputs.

Dubbed ‘the radiator that’s not afraid to stand tall’ across Europe, the Faro V’s profiled front emphasises clean ascendant lines, while the curved side covers give it a pure, exquisite appearance from every angle.  The design not only creates a sense of height – it also allows you to install a powerful heat source where wall space is restricted.

The Faro V is available in three different heights; 1800mm; 1950mm; and 2100mm; and four different widths; 300mm; 450mm; 600mm; and 750mm.

For those who wish to enjoy the clean lines of the Faro range in a more conventional way, the horizontally mounted versions are an ideal choice.  They share the same profiled front and perforated side covers of their vertical sibling and create a subtle presence in any space, while still delivering a high heat output. 

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