Extractability launches the ProtectoXtract Mobile Fume Extractor with filter

imageExtractability, a division of Weldability-Sif, is a UK based “one stop source” for all welding fume extraction solutions. The Company has launched the ProtectoXtract Mobile Welding Fume Extraction unit with filtration that has been approved by the DGUV/IFA (Institute of Occupational Health Standards). This approved mobile extraction system provides filtration of metal particulate fumes, dusts and some gases and can be used where Welding and Grinding applications take place.

Weighing in at just 80kg, the ProtectoXtract is supplied on swivel casters for manoeuvrability. It operates from a 110v/230v mains input supply. Each unit is provided with a 3m fully positional cantilever arm and hood and the ProtectoXtract is designed for use in a welding bay, factory workshop or garage.

The ProtectoXtract also utilises a 4-stage filtration system with an efficiency of >99% as well as an acoustic housing which meets the current low noise emissions (<68dB[A]). The 3m suction arm hose with internal joints provides air movement of 2500 m3/h.

When used with processes that produce weld spatter or hot metal particles, the optional EXT980005 Aluminium Pre-Filter must be used. Compliant with DIN EN ISO 15012-1: 03/2005, it is suitable for category W3 stainless welding fumes (>30% Ni+Cr).

With a motor power of 1.1kW this Mobile Fume Extractor and Filtration unit has outside dimensions of 580mm x 580mm x 900mm.

There are a number of accessories to go with the ProtectoXtract mobile welding fume extraction unit including replacement ‘gross’, ‘pre’ and ‘main’ filters while there is also the availability for replacement activated carbon filters, optional spark arrestor filters and optional grinding filters.

The ProtectoXtract is available from stock for next-day delivery.

To view the product video, please click the link below:



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