Ex-Or’s multi-function LightSpot

In a first for the lighting controls industry, the new Ex-Or Multi-Function LightSpot presence detector can now control not only the lights and washroom functions, but also air conditioning and emergency light testing.

By ensuring that lighting is provided only when required, LightSpot controls eliminate its unnecessary use, reducing energy consumption and cutting costs. Long established as a market leader in presence detection control, the range is constantly being enhanced and has included the capability to control washroom urinal flushing and fan operation for some time.

Uniquely, LightSpot can now be specified to control either the air-conditioning or to carry out emergency light testing in addition to its core lighting control capability.

In air conditioning control mode, once someone enters the monitored area, the lights automatically switch on, followed by the automatic switch on of the air conditioning. The LightSpot’s hold-off timer prevents the air conditioning coming on if someone is just paying a brief visit to the monitored area and can be set to delay switching of the air conditioning by one, three or five minutes.


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