Ex-Or offers plug-in simplicity

Ex-Or’s acclaimed Connect quick connection range has been further extended with the introduction of the UltraLite CD (Connect Digital) Box.

Ex-Or Connect comprises a range of purpose-designed connection centres which provide plug-in simplicity. The UltraLite CD box has been introduced at the value end of the Connect range.

It is a modular wiring system that provides easy connection and isolation to luminaires. It can also be used to connect presence detectors and conventional switches to create an easily installed, semi-intelligent lighting control solution. A range of LightSpot detectors complete with 7- way connectors for immediate use is available.

The unit can be fitted without the need for specialist installation skills. The potential for wiring faults is reduced because it uses industry standard Wieland plugs which provide easy connection to the luminaires and detectors. Commissioning of the UltraLite CD box is straightforward and needs no programming.

Up to ten luminaires and two detectors can be connected to each UltraLite CD Box (one detector can control up to 10 luminaires; two detectors up to five luminaires each). The UltraLite’s 7-way connectors allow the option of including manual switching.


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