European collaboration will develop technology

A group of 30 leading European companies and academic institutions has announced that they are working together in the newly established ENIAC JU project ENLIGHT, a three year programme which is partly funded by the European Commission and European member-states. Partners include companies throughout the lighting value chain, including universities and research centres.

The ENLIGHT project aims to exploit the full potential of LED-based lighting through breakthrough innovations in integrated lighting solutions beyond retrofit applications. This includes intelligent lighting systems. The aim is to further reduce energy consumption by up to an additional 40% compared to today’s LED systems. 

One of the targets of the ENLIGHT project is to develop more compact and efficient lighting electronics, drivers and controls, which together will lead to optimised LED modules. In addition, developments will be aimed at maximising the impact of LED by improving its energy efficiency and lowering the system costs involved. Finally, ENLIGHT will optimise intelligent systems, which, in combination with advanced sensors and controls, will fuel new applications, solutions and market uptake.

Financing scheme unlocks savings

The launch of a Shared Savings Scheme by Energys Group could be the key to achieving energy savings as the cost of the supply, installation and maintenance of energy efficient lighting is taken from the resulting savings on energy bills.

The Shared Savings Scheme builds upon the energy savings potential of Energys’s well-established retrofit lighting converter, Save It Easy, which allows energy efficient T5 lamps to be slotted into the existing fluorescent light fittings. This simple upgrade can unlock savings of up to 65% on electricity bills.

The savings that result from a typical Save It Easy installation are so high that Energys is able to offer its clients a unique financing scheme, where there is nothing to pay ‘out-of-pocket’ for the lighting upgrade.

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