Euroheat showcases biomass

To meet the demands of the more modest home and in line with the proposed domestic RHI, Euroheat showcased its entry-level biomass boiler, the HDG R25, at Ecobuild. This 25kW log boiler has a simple design which allows the price to be kept down.

The R25 is soon to be Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved and reaches efficiencies of over 90% like all boilers in Euroheat’s range.

Where it differs is the hopper size, which is slightly reduced compared with other HDG boilers, this means more manual input is required as less logs can be loaded at any one time – compared with other brands of biomass boiler, however, it is still a sizeable fuel chamber.

Other products from Euroheat include HDG wood burning boilers which come in a range of sizes for both large homes and commercial buildings. Fuelled by logs, wood chip or pellets, Euroheat ensures the right boiler is matched with the right customer.

In addition there is the SHT range which is designed specifically for the average family home. SHT provides a range of boilers which can be fuelled by pellets, or logs.

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