ErP – We Are Ready

Warm Air, Radiant and Heating Products are now affected by European Regulations.

Warm air heaters are subject to Lot 21 of the directive and radiant heaters Lot 20. Minimum seasonal efficiencies for warm air is now 72% and radiant heaters is now 74%. Crucially, these minimum criteria are applicable for both new installations and when replacing existing products. As a result, customers can be assured that the heating equipment they are purchasing is highly energy efficient and emissions of harmful environmental pollutants are constrained.

As well as our ErP compliant heating products, we also offer Airmix, a high induction air distribution system.  This is an innovative concept that is quick and easy to install, reliable and inexpensive in operation.

The result is very evenly distributed conditioned air (heating, cooling or ventilation) at low air velocities and low noise levels, virtually eliminating excess heat stratification and the need for air re-circulation fans.  When Air Mix is used in conjunction with Reznor RTU and PREEVA units they can provide the ultimate heating solution.


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