Entech’s KNX installation of the year at ITV offices

The KNX UK Association’s Installation of the Year award was given to Entech for the ITV (Orange Building) Offices in Salford Quays. EnTech was asked by client BAS to streamline the design and delivery process of the building control system to be installed at the offices.

EnTech’s design team suggested a full KNX field bus solution to cover all aspects of the lighting, HVAC, metering and sub-system monitoring, enabling all services outside of the core plant areas to be picked up by the KNX bus. The solution dramatically reduced installation times and cost as there was no longer the need for multiple cabling for separate systems.

The design also reduced sensor and control duplication – again cutting costs, reducing points of failure and improving the aesthetic by providing less cluttered ceilings and control points.

Key areas covered by KNX included metering, lighting control, automated emergency light testing, specialist broadcast lighting, fan coil control, temperature and CO2 sensing, leak detection, critical alarms from sub-systems, blind control and solar tracking, ventilation and BACnet integration.

A number of KNX devices from KNX UK member Theben were used on this project. They included 300 PresenceLight 360 B KNX Presence Detectors and their remote controls: RMG switch actuators from the MIX series; Luna 131KNX outdoor brightness and temperature detectors; the Amun 716 high quality air Sensor, Varia 826 multi-function display and temperature sensor as well as the power supplies.

KNX will be exhibiting on stand A12 at Building Controls Sandown Park

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