Enlarged range of chillers

CIAT Ozonair Ltd has enlarged its range of Aquaciat Power chillers to include an 1800V model; the four models in the range now provide cooling capacities from 330 to 500kW to meet the requirements of air conditioning in offices, health care, industrial and commercial applications.

Featuring R410A refrigerant for high performance and environmental friendliness, the new model is designed for outdoor installation and has removable lacquered sheet steel panels.  Cooling is provided by means of six new-generation scroll compressors in two refrigerant circuits.  These are controlled by an auto-adaptive CIAT Connector that starts only the number of compressors required for a given load, ensuring optimum economy at all times.
Economical operation is also ensured by the R410A refrigerant which provides significantly improved EER, COP and ESEER figures than R407C models.  Energy consumption is, in fact, reduced by up to 25%.  
The high efficiency fins and coil type air exchanger has a compact ‘V’ formation that allows air suction on three faces of the unit.  Suitable for operation in external air temperatures of between -15°C and +50°C, the Aquaciat Power chiller is suitable for all climates and all seasons.

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