Enhanced versatility with new range

AET Flexible Space has now completed several projects with their new Direct Expansion (DX) under floor cooling range from their market leading Flexible Space Under Floor Air Conditioning (UFAC) System, and it has proved to be an effective solution to challenges frequently arising in the refurbishment marketplace.

Projects making use of this new range of under floor technology include some of London’s historic buildings; including Film House at 142 Wardour Street, the Tripadvisor Headquarters at 7 Soho Square, the Booking Hall at Kings Cross Station, as well as Shore Lines, a formerly disused Victorian Railway Shed in Birkenhead previously converted into offices.

The CAM R410A and R407C DX Coil options can be matched with all the major manufacturer’s 2-pipe and 3-pipe heat pump and heat recovery systems to supply an area or zone of up to 300sqm with conditioned air. The downflow units are available with AC or EC fan options and can provide variable supply air temperature and variable air volume according to the zone requirement. The supply air is then drawn up from the plenum into the occupied space using a floor recessed Fantile unit.



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