Enhanced Aquasnap range

Enhanced corrosion resistance and extra efficiency are to be offered on Carrier’s established and popular Aquasnap chiller range with the substitution of the highly effective all-aluminium micro-channel heat exchanger (MCHX) technology in place of traditional heat exchangers.
Conventional copper/aluminium coils will still be available on some units as a factory-fitted option but the efficiency of the new technology is such that Carrier expects only limited requests for this once the market has adjusted to the change.

The MCHX technology has proven to be a great success on Carrier’s Aquaforce range of chillers. This micro-channel heat exchange technology has been widely used in the automotive industry for some years, but Carrier’s use of it in the Aquaforce was the first time it has been applied in large chillers.

MCHX has been shown in field trials and customer installations to increase heat transfer efficiency. The all-aluminium, brazed construction coils provide enhanced reliability through improved corrosion resistance. The overall weight of the chiller is also reduced.

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