Emergency kit offers versatility

The Inverlux Plus three hour Emergency pack from Relco Group UK has been designed to provide an effective solution for adapting 4 pin fluorescent lamps for use in emergency lighting applications.

Capable of operating with both electronic and electromagnetic ballasts, with 3.6V-4A battery, this conversion kit automatically produces a constant level of illumination during an emergency operation, thereby satisfying the very specific requirements of Part B of the Building Regulations. To provide a visual indication of mains-on condition, this kit incorporates an LED monitor to simplify inspection procedures.

The emergency pack is suitable for 6w to 58w lamps. To avoid any loss of light output, this pack automatically recognises the wattage to which it is connected and then adjusts the brightness to achieve the correct lamp output.

To offer system versatility the lamps can be configured in two different options SA and SE. The SA option enables the lamp to always remain switched on, including when the power supply is interrupted, whilst the SE option only operates the lamp during an emergency power cut.


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