Emergency control from Ridi

Eagerly anticipated by commercial lighting consultants, Ridi has launched its new managed emergency lighting system, ControlE. 

Following the recent release of Ridi’s comprehensive energy-saving light management system, Control3, the emergency package allows Ridi to offer the complete software based lighting system, with remarkable efficiency savings.    

For facilities managers, ControlE makes emergency lighting components easy to both access and manage.  Being a software based control system, using TCP/IP and DALI networks, the whole of a building’s emergency lighting capability can be managed through any networked pc, with a two-way communication system automatically able to test and report any fault across the system, removing the need for time consuming site tests.

This ability to monitor emergency luminaries, as well as the control element afforded by Control3, is a key benefit to the new system and now combining cost effectiveness and energy efficiency with the security demanded by lighting regulations, ControlE is the perfect solution for non-domestic emergency lighting where there is a constant requirement to monitor and maintain the whole emergency lighting system.

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