Elta adds to fan range

As part of its commitment to introducing new fans to meet the requirements of the European legislation on energy efficiency, Elta Fans has added to its existing range the ZOO (Zone of Occupancy) destratification fan.

The ZOO fan distributes heating or cooling evenly throughout the occupied zone, generating columns of air which gently force the stratified air down to the Zone of Occupancy, therefore removing the need for physical ductwork.

The fans feature the latest in impeller technology: the FE2owlet sickle bladed aerofoil profile axial impeller powered by the fully speed-controllable Ziehl-Abegg external rotor motor.  To reduce noise, the blade features serrations on the trailing edge of the wing, like the owl.  These serrations muffle sound, with further noise reduction achieved by the incorporation of winglets, as seen on jet aircraft, on each blade.  On an aircraft, winglets smooth the airflow across the wing near the tip and reduce the lift-induced drag caused by wingtip vortices.  The reduced vortices at the tip of the impeller blade lessen turbulence and noise, as well as easing the path of the following blade, thereby improving efficiency and performance.

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