Elesta safeguards library

Elesta’s System Partner, Clarkson Controls, has completed the installation of an Elesta composite BMS control system for the new Huntingdon Library and Archives.

The brand new building brings together all of Huntingdonshire’s written historical resources under one roof, including medieval charters, modern maps, printed books, parish registers and Victorian photographs. The irreplaceable original documents are stored in a purpose-built secure strong room, where the temperature and humidity levels are constantly monitored and controlled by the BMS.

There are two motor control centres, one located in the ground floor boiler house which provides control for the main boiler and domestic hot water services plant, and one providing control to the archive/office area AHU plant in the roof top plant room. The boiler plant is demand based and low pressure hot water is circulated around the building to provide heat to the under floor heating manifolds and to the heating coils for the Archive area AHUs. Chilled water is supplied from a heat pump/chillers to the under floor cooling coils and the AHUs while humidity is controlled using an ultra-sonic humidifier with the cooling coils providing de-humidification.

The ground floor library is naturally ventilated utilising a multi-zone, mixed mode Passivent iC6000 BACnet control system with façade opening windows for incoming air with high level louvres around an atrium at second floor level producing the exit air path. Ventilation stacks are used for the single story area of the building.

Zone temperature/CO2 and manual override units provide the necessary space conditions to the iC6000 controller. External temperature, Wind speed/direction and rain sensors override the window iWAC controllers in the event of adverse conditions. The natural ventilation controls and sensors also offer control to the under floor heating manifold valves and provide mixed mode control for the air conditioning units. All plant is controlled in sequence to provide maximum energy savings.

The two motor control panels containing Elesta RCO-D BACnet controllers and the Passivent iC6000 controller are connected via IP addressable communications back to the BMS front end which runs the Clarkson dynamic visualisation software.

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