Electrical wiring tags

Seaward  has  extended  the  capabilities of its new PowerPlus  1557  electrical installation tester with the introduction of a complementary label  printer  for on the spot cable tagging and distribution board marking.

The new PowerPlus 1557 is the electrical industry’s first fully integrated 17th edition inspection and certification tester. This unique  tester  incorporates electronic  versions  of  all  main  test certificates  so  that  test  data  is automatically  entered  into  the  correct  certificate  fields  as  testing  is undertaken.

Now the PowerSolutions concept has been further extended with the availability of a new battery powered Test n Tag thermal transfer printer for cable tags and labels giving contractors the ability to clearly label electrical wiring in line with circuit drawings and system schematics.

Bluetooth connection to the PowerPlus 1557 enables the printer to produce distinctive and highly durable tags and labels quickly on-site at the press of a button allowing immediate identification of all cables and wiring systems.

The Test n Tag printer comes with a range of cartridge options. Self laminating wire markers can be produced for standard periodic inspection requirements, as well as laminated labels for use on consumer units, distribution boards and electrical circuits.


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