Efficient long burners

Osram’s new range of pin-base, DULUX L High Efficiency (HE) lamps bring greater efficiency to a broad range of applications.

These lamps come equipped with a light output of up to 100 lm/W and a long operating life of 20,000 hours which equates to lower maintenance costs. These efficient compact fluorescent lamps are an excellent choice for luminaires that are on for long periods of time in applications such as hotels and public buildings.

Osram DULUX L HE lamps are especially suitable for floor luminaires, rectangular luminaires or large-volume designer luminaires. They are available in 16W, 22W, 26W and 28W versions in colour temperatures 3,000K (warm white) and 4,000K (cold white). With a light output of up to 100lm/W, the lamp achieves maximum efficiency at a temperature of 35ºC in the luminaire.

Lamps in Osram’s DULUX L HE series have an average lifetime of 20,000 hours. When operating on Osram Quicktronic Intelligent (DALI) DIM electronic control gear they are dimmable to 3%.


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