New product development is something which keeps this industry going as it is helping us all to manage our energy use and reduce our carbon footprint. But while new products are a given, do we all really know how best to make use of them?

As you will see from this issue alone, new product development is once again at an all time high, and whether you are involved with lighting, HVAC or building controls installations, there is a constant progression of new and innovative products finding their way onto the market.

We would all agree that new products are great, but with every new product comes the question of what to do with it, because the issue of training is often overlooked by manufacturers even though it should be a key part of the new product development process.

There are some very savvy manufacturers out there who have their own training facilities and who are happy to ensure that everyone involved in the specification and installation of their products has access to these facilities. But sadly there are also some that don’t.

It therefore boils down to being smart and dealing with the companies that can provide the complete package – which includes not just the products but the training as well.

The smart manufacturer is the one who can provide you with answers, and with competition for market share at an all time high, it is no surprise that the ones who do go the extra mile are the ones that are achieving success.

So don’t be fobbed off with second best. Quite simply if the manufacturer doesn’t offer the right training or the right after sales care then it is probably time to start looking elsewhere – after all, regardless of whether you are specifying or installing the products this is your reputation which is on the line.

Everyone in this industry is forging ahead to meet their carbon reduction targets, and at times this can seem like a thankless task. But by working together we can achieve so much more and ensure that this industry continues to stand at the forefront of new product development.

See you next month


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