The last few years have been tough for everyone with cuts in budgets causing many companies to streamline their processes. But one good thing that has come out of it is the ability of this industry to look for new ways to cut costs which has led to a much leaner industry.

The other good thing which has become apparent over the last few years is that companies are now more willing to embrace the issue of recycling. Granted some of this ‘willingness’ has been as a result of the WEEE Directive but it has to be said that the way in which most companies have embraced recycling has led to many savings being made.

It therefore came as something of a surprise that when the Government announced that they wouldn’t be funding a return to weekly household rubbish collection, the whole country appears to be in uproar.

One of the main bugbears appears to be the fact that prior to the general election, the Government pledged to bring back weekly rubbish collections in areas that currently only benefit from a fortnightly collection. But the newly published waste review does not offer any financial incentives for councils and as a result the fortnightly collection system looks set to stay.

But surely if we approached our household waste in the same way that we approach our business waste then we wouldn’t have a problem.

One MP has already suggested that there are higher recycling rates in areas with fortnightly collections which suggest that perhaps we have become complacent in the home – some would say lazy.

My point is that if we can do it in the workplace then we should equally be able to do it at home because surely it makes sense to look for more ways to recycle, both at work and in the home.

So if you’re one of those people who throw everything in the big black bin think about what you do at work and why – after all recycling is just as important wherever you do it.

See you next month


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