While problems with the economy continue to make headline news, there are a number of areas within this industry which are still showing signs of major activity and one of the main ones is heating because this is increasingly being seen as a way to make savings. The main objective in designing a modern system focuses on reducing the cost of generating heat and ensuring safe and reliable operation.

However with the reduction in energy use firmly entrenched in everyone’s minds, improving the efficiency is a key area which will automatically reduce the carbon emissions.

From boilers and water heating to radiators and underfloor heating, there is no denying the fact that this part of the industry is huge and with many companies opting for refurbishment rather than new build this is one area where great savings can be made with the installation of more energy efficient equipment.

With this in mind we have a special supplement in BSEE this month which concentrates on boilers and heating, the projects currently taking place and the products and services which are available in this part of the industry.

Over the past twelve months we have seen a number of changes to the products in this market, all of which are designed to help you to achieve savings and as a result this has changed the way that we look at the issue of heating.

But as with any new technology you need to keep on the ball to ensure that you are making the most of what the market has to offer. It is very easy to let your boiler or water heating equipment just carry on as normal and if it continues to function then many people believe that it is best left alone.

But my advice is that you shouldn’t leave it to chance. A simple refurbishment may prove to be more cost effective than you think and with new products constantly entering the market it is certainly worth looking into.

See you next month


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