Ecosense makes perfect sense

Designed for use in industrial applications, the new EcoSense range of Low Bay luminaires from Greenstep Lighting incorporates a sensor that maintains illumination levels and provides considerable savings in energy.

The sensor within EcoSense activates as soon as the lamp reaches full power and if there is sufficient natural light available, will reduce light output accordingly; reducing energy consumption by 50%. The luminaire will also detect a lack of movement within a set period of time and adjust by reducing output in vacant areas.

If a presence is detected in the catchment area the sensor will restore the lamp to full power and similarly, should there be a reduction in natural daylight, the sensor will bring the lamp back up to full output immediately. The combination of these two sensor actions ensures maximum energy savings.

Greenstep can offer a wide range of luminaires including High Bay and Floodlights, along with conversion kits which offer many benefits, particularly in terms of energy and running costs, whilst keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.


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