ECA guarantees work

The Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) has launched a new Guarantee Scheme which became effective on 1 January  2009.

The ECA Guarantee of Work Scheme offers an automatic guarantee covering members’ work up to a value of £50,000, or £100,000 for multiple contracts for the same customer, in any calendar year.

Replacing the insurance backed Warranty Scheme, this new system eliminates the need for signatures from both the customer and installer. This means that any work carried out by an ECA member company within the scope of the scheme will be automatically covered, without paperwork.

David Pollock, Chief Executive Officer at the ECA said: “Our members represent the best in electrical practice. This Guarantee not only reflects our confidence, but assures the client of the long term quality of any relevant work carried out by an ECA member.

“In an increasingly competitive market, the Guarantee will offer a measure of security to both our members and their clients.”

The scheme, which meets the requirements of Part P and Trustmark, covers installations undertaken by ECA members and products that have been specified by contractors, for up to six years after completion of the work.

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