EC TwinBox offers efficiencies

Fläkt Woods now offers a new Box Fan range which incorporates energy conscious EC motors, which help to deliver higher fan efficiencies and lower energy consumption.

The company has developed this new product range to deliver performance in line with current Part L Building Regulations, meeting the drive for tighter efficiencies, as well as conforming to ever changing circumstances, by providing ventilation on demand.

The new EC TwinBox Fan product is designed to be energy efficient and have a small footprint. Controls are integral and feature the Fläkt Woods, second generation intelligent fan controller, which has a simplified control interface, making installation and commissioning easy.

The New EC TwinBox product delivers air volumes up to 1.7m3/s, against static pressures of up to 870 Pa. By incorporating EC motor technology, energy usage is minimised, which means that specific fan powers are low. Motors feature a soft start function, which reduces starting currents as well as mechanical stresses, helping to make this product more reliable and extending its lifespan. Associated cabling and control gear costs are also reduced.

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