Easyfit access doors

Doby Verrolec has launched a new range of Easyfit Access Doors purpose-designed for use with circular ductwork.
Correctly installed they will provide an airtight seal up to 2000Pa and meet HVCA DW144 Specification Classes A, B and C.
Circular ducting now accounts for almost 50% of the UK market. Access points must be provided for cleaning and testing and servicing of in-line units such as fire and smoke and volume control dampers.
Under normal operating conditions, these points must be sealed by access doors compatible with the curved surface of the duct.
Access doors must be easy to install, ensure a tight, leak-free fit and also be quick and simple to remove for cleaning and maintenance.
Formed from top quality galvanised mild steel pressings, Easyfit Doors are suitable for low, medium and high pressure applications with both spiral and straight seamed circular ductwork.
On site operatives can fit Doby Verrolec doors in record time – each taking just a few minutes. No time consuming measuring, or marking out is required.

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