Easy solar heating

Hoval’s SolKit is a complete, highly efficient solar system for heating domestic hot water (DHW), comprising solar collectors with necessary bracketry and flashing kits for use on pitched roof, in-pitched roof, on flat roof or on the wall, a fully stainless steel calorifier, a sophisticated plug and play digital control system, pre-mixed heat transfer fluid and all connections. It is ideal for both light commercial and residential properties and, thanks to innovative design, can be installed in one day using a flexible umbilical (15, 20 or 25m) carrying flow and return pipes and a sensor cable.
Designed in conjunction with the University of Rapperswil (a European centre of excellence for solar equipment) the SolKit uses Hoval’s LowFlow technology to achieve high solar fluid temperatures, with minimal energy consumption for pumping.
Unlike conventional systems, SolKit’s control system directs these high temperature fluids to the top of the cylinder whenever possible; giving solar heated DHW at the taps without the need to charge the whole cylinder, thus reducing the use of auxiliary heating.

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