Durapipe prepares for Chinese invasion

Durapipe SuperFLO has been specified for a new air conditioning system in anticipation of the ever growing numbers of people booking tickets to attend The First Emperor: China’s Terracotta Army Exhibition.
This increase in visitor numbers necessitated an upgrade of the current air conditioning system and therefore, Romec, the installers, specified 110 metres of Durapipe SuperFLO which will distribute water at temperatures between 6ºC and 12ºC.
The British Museum’s Reading Room has been converted into a temporary space to house the exhibition. The impressive historic relics, which date back to 221 BC, were created to accompany China’s first emperor into the afterlife. The imposing statues are widely regarded as one of the greatest archaeological finds in history.
Ashley Pursey, Project Manager for Romec, said: “The exhibition is going to be very popular so we needed a reliable pipework system that was easy to install to improve the air conditioning system. Steel has traditionally been used for the pipework requirements in the British Museum but I advised them to choose Durapipe SuperFLO because of its long life span and cost effectiveness in comparison to other pipework solutions.
“Unlike steel piping, Durapipe SuperFLO is light and so is easier to lift and control on site. Part of the pipework in this project involves a vertical run, which needed scaffolding to install it. Using a lightweight system made the installation much faster, easier and safer.
“I’ve been using Durapipe products for more than 10 years, and have complete confidence in them. I’m sure the British Museum will agree that Durapipe SuperFLO is a high quality pipework system which performs well, has low maintenance requirements and provides lifetime benefits.”

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