Ductless ventilation

Trox UK has launched a complete new system of façade ventilation and air conditioning products.  These units are built into the façade of the building and introduce fresh or conditioned air to the occupied space. 

The simplest form is the decentralised window and façade ventilators incorporating highly efficient noise control, ideal for schools, apartments and commercial buildings.  This type of unit (FSL 60) is integrated into the façade/external wall and provides natural ventilation into or out of the internal space using the most direct route.  The discharge characteristics and airflow control can be achieved by simply rotating the air control cylinder which even when fully open still provides a sound reduction in excess of 40 dB.  This high acoustic performance allows the units to be used in the centre of cities or where there is a noisy outside environment.

The unit consists of a casing which is internal lined with thermal/acoustic material.  The external casing between the front and rear extrusions is from a flame retardant rigid board (material rating B1).  This ensures adequate unit stability whilst providing a thermal break in the construction between front and rear. 


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