Draka takes the lead

Draka claims to have become the only cable manufacturer in the UK to be able to offer installers a full range of third-party approved SWA (Steel Wire Armoured) power cables down to 4mm2.  The newly enhanced LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) approved 600/1000V Firetuf Powerplus cable offering is available in two, three and four-core options with nominal conductor areas spanning from 4mm2 to 400mm2.  The range also includes a 2.5mm2 seven-core cable.

Firetuf Powerplus is designed to provide enhanced circuit integrity performance to meet the demanding requirements of BS 7346-6: 2005 (Components for smoke and heat control systems: specifications for cable systems).  It incorporates high-performance materials to achieve the maximum 120-minute rating when subjected to the integrated testing of BS 8491: 2008 (Method for assessment of fire integrity of large diameter power cables for use as components for smoke and heat control systems and certain other active fire safety systems).   This demanding regime involves flame irradiation exposure, direct impact and high-pressure water spray testing.

Powerplus cable provides the superior performance characteristics required by many of today’s sophisticated fire engineering solutions. 


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