Don’t replace, e-place with Grundfos

Taking the opportunity to review the situation when there is a requirement to replace a pump is rarely taken, instead the pump is replaced with a ‘like for like’ pump which means the opportunity to gain efficiency, save energy and improve comfort levels is lost.

When replacing a pump there are several points that should be considered as these will have an impact on whether you are making the best selection including:
• Is the pump correctly sized for the current duty requirements?
• Has the building undergone any change of use since the pump was fitted?
• What solution would mean least pipe work modification?
• How important is service access?

But the most important question of all should be is there an opportunity to replace with a variable speed option that will only work as hard as it needs to? This can save up to 80%+ of the energy required over a fixed speed counterpart. Grundfos Pumps has been the frontrunners in developing variable speed technology and can provide you with a wide range of reliable pump solutions plus a wealth of experience.

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