Doncaster Council

Every year throughout the UK many County Councils, both Metropolitan, non-Metropolitan and Unitary Authorities have plans drawn up to refurbish or upgrade the heating systems of schools that fall within their boundaries.

Over the last thirty years Smedegaard Pumps has developed long standing relationships with many of these Authorities, being successfully specified to provide pumps, pressurisation sets and cold water booster sets for many of the boiler house refurbishments throughout the UK.

This relationship with Local Authorities is extremely important to Smedegaard and has given us the opportunity to not only provide the product but also when required, technical assistance together with commissioning and good service backup, all extremely important to a customer such as a County Council engineer.

Doncaster Council is an example of this relationship and this year as part of their programme of refurbishment, two schools, Armthorpe and Hatfield Sheepdip Primary had their heating system upgraded.

Both boiler house refurbishments included the installation of Smedegaard glanded Omega EcoFlexx pumps fitted with integral inverters. Both systems were pressurised using the compact wall mounted WallPress unit.

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